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Using salvaged Teak timber, this environment-friendly "Green" furniture collection features rustic styling and old world beauty. It is available in a rustic dark brown finish. For more information, please refer to the "About Old Teak" and "Finishes" tabs.

About Old Teak

A rich hand-stained finish and rustic styling combine to create the Old World beauty of this collection. Using salvaged timber from old buildings, boats, tobacco factories etc., craftspeople build the items in this line using traditional methods, basic hand tools and skills passed down by generations. Every piece is unique and has its own look and feel. If you touch the ripples of its rich wood, you will be able to feel the years that shaped its timber and appreciate the skills that shaped its form. Our Old Teak collection is offered in a rustic dark brown exterior finish which provides protection against the discoloring UV rays of the sun and resistance to water damage or food spills.

Depending on exposure to the sun and rain, the color will fade with time. The coating degradation might be more noticeable in areas exposed to frequent use or prolonged moisture contact. To restore the color of the new Rustic Exterior finish, we recommend our easy-to-apply specially formulated coating as needed. The product can be ordered directly from us and has detailed application instructions on the container.

We have recently added a Rustic interior finish to this beautiful line. Please click on the "Finishes" tab for pictures of the different options.